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Re: [RFS] crystalcursors and kde-icons-nuovext

Hi, Bastian...

regarding kde-icons-nuovext...

On Monday 17 October 2005 13:10, Bastian Venthur wrote:
> Christoph Haas wrote:
> > - it may be a matter of taste but I would not extract the upstream
> >   tarball right into the debian/... directory. Why not using that file
> >   as an *.orig.tar.gz. Okay, it's too late for this upstream version
> >   since Debian already has your *.orig.tar.gz in the archives.
> >   It appears like your current *.orig.tar.gz consists of the real
> >   *.orig.tar.gz. Do I miss a reason why it's done this way?
> >   I would rather do it the dh_make way and install the files with
> >   dh_install.
> Done, I've changed it to a more standard-compilant method.

Okay. Just keep in mind that you cannot change the orig.tar.gz which
is currently in Debian. You can only provide new *.diff.gz files for
the same upstream tarball. So it's more a todo when your upstream
releases a new version.

Or you artificially release an orig.gar.gz with a version that appears
higher than the current one.

> Thanks for pointing out all these ugly bugs. When I created this package
> this was one of my first packages and the -2 fix is quite old too. I
> think I've learned a bit in the meanwhile. The rules file looks *much*
> better now.

You wouldn't want to look at my first package. ;)

> -2 never hit the archive. To test the -vVersion Option, I created a -3
> version with a rather verbose changelog. I hope this is Ok this time.

I'll check your work later when I'm at home. If it's remotely okay I'll
upload it. Thanks for considering my comments. And don't be upset by some
of the comments here. IMHO that was too overreacting. There are
debian/rules files which look much worse.

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