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Re: debian directory included in upstream

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI a écrit :
What about the case in which the upstream maintainer is the Debian maintainer? I create packages for a piece of sofware I've written.

That's my case (well...) and I decided to apply the "Separation of Concerns" paradigm: software development and packaging are different matters, so they are worked and versionned separately.

After a few month of usage, I clearly don't regret that choice and have met several cases where using native packages would have been a mess.

I don't write the software *for* Debian, but I happen to package it for Debian; that's how I think about it. "I" being the same person isn't a reason for mixing different concerns.

The debian/ directory is in CVS, naturally. It is currently distributed in the .tar.gz file. Should it be removed? This would make things more difficult for me, because in the case of a new version, I would need to untar the new .tar.gz file and then copy the debian/ directory from CVS.

I suggest you use cvs-buildpackage. I use an arch equivalent and it's like a dream.

Hervé Cauwelier

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