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Re: debian directory included in upstream

martin f krafft wrote:

What does not make a lot of sense is to release the .tar.gz with
the ./debian directory, as Steve Halasz said, it's perfectly valid
to have it in CVS the important point would be to convince them
not to include it in the release.

I disagree. ./debian is the domain of the Debian maintainer, not of
the upstream. Unless you are developing software *for* *Debian*
(native), there is no reason why you should bother with ./debian at

What about the case in which the upstream maintainer is the Debian maintainer? I create packages for a piece of sofware I've written (and for which I'm looking a sponsor, see http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2005/04/msg00106.html ). The debian/ directory is in CVS, naturally. It is currently distributed in the .tar.gz file. Should it be removed? This would make things more difficult for me, because in the case of a new version, I would need to untar the new .tar.gz file and then copy the debian/ directory from CVS.

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