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Re: Open ITP without apparent work on it

Hi Shachar, Matthew, Riku, Daniel,

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 22:42 +1100, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 12:53:15PM +0200, Shachar Shemesh wrote:
> > Bug #269329 is an ITP for Open Xchange - the Suse server gone GPL.
 Yes, the Open-Xchage code is GPL, but last year there was a (small)
chance as far as I can remember that it is going to be closed again, or
at least have a non-DFSG compatible license. Also, note that OX can not
be compiled without non-free 'libs' (ie jars).Thus OX should be in
contrib if it is packaged. Well, as I see source of JavaMail recently
released under the Java Research License, so I should look into it if
that helps in the case or not (ie compiling the source for ourself, do
a package and use it). It seems upstream is not going to use free
JavaMail implementations, see my mails and the replies in the past[1].
So a quick test with GNU JavaMail still gives a lot of compilation
problems (just an example):
[javac] /home/gcs/open-xchange-0.8.0-beta4/src/com/openexchange/webmail/folder/WebmailFolderUtilities.java:52:
        package com.sun.mail.imap does not exist
[javac] import com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPFolder;
[javac]                          ^

>  It's 
> > open since 31 Aug 2004, with a couple of people asking whether the 
> > original submitter is intending to release, but without any actual work 
> > done.
 You are _almost_ right. I am the original bug opener, but the package
is not yet ready because the above written things. On the other hand,
I had a terrible car accident, was in hospital for months (my scull
and some ribs broke, was in something like coma [deep sleeping as my
doctors say]). I am still not fully healed, but much better by now.

> > My question is this - if I package the software myself, can I just 
> > submit it and close the bug? Or is it considered rude to just close 
> > someone else's ITP?
 Yes, you can, at least I permit it to any of you as I am the original
bug submitter. Also, if the license issues can be solved (ie OX can be
ported to any of the free JavaMail implementations; but then the one
doing it should follow OX development and update the port on the long
run), then I would even sponsor the upload, as I am a Debian Developer.

> Make a note in the ITP that you are keenly interested in seeing Open Xchange
> in Debian, and offer to help the initial ITP filer in any way, noting that
> if you don't hear anything, you'll commence packaging it yourself.
 I am free to give away it; and hope the noted things can be solved. At
least OX remained open with the 0.8beta releases, but compilation issues
with free tools still should be done. I was far to finish it, and the
codebase changed a lot since then. :-|

>   If that
> doesn't get a response in a few days, just go ahead and do it.  ITPs are for
> trying to prevent duplication of effort, they aren't exclusive locks over
> the packaging of something.

> Be prepared to help the original ITPer if they request it, but by the look
> of it Laszlo has moved on to other things, or is taking an extended holiday
> or something.
 Well, yes, it is something like an extended holiday. :( I am still on
my way to get back my life straight (get back my workplace, restart
studying for my second degree somewhen but more importantly to get
healed fully) as well.

> > I don't mind working on it, with the full risk of the original packager 
> > submitting a package before I manage to find a sponsore to mine etc.
 We can stay in contact if you want, and inform each other how things
are going.

> > What I don't want happening, though, is that I'll work on it, submit and 
> > package, and then be told that this package cannot go in because someone 
> > else owns the ITP.
 I emphasis that I would even sponsor your package upload if the
license/compilation things are solved and you have the package ready.

Laszlo Boszormenyi aka GCS

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