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Re: RFS: albumshaper - a drag and drop photo album manager

>>>>> "jano" == jano kupec <jkupec@zoznam.sk> writes:

jano> Hi Laszlo, Ah, now i get it. The problem is that i did what you
jano> said in this and the second mail (i made the configure executable,
jano> i did chmod -x on files where the x shouldn't be, i deleted
jano> src/gui/editing/.#selectionInterface.cpp.1.20, ...). But the
jano> problem seems to be that this kind of changes to the original
jano> source were not passed to you. The albumshaper_2.0-3.diff.gz does
jano> not make it right?

diff files don't include changes to permissions.  So you'll either have
to repack the source with the correct permissions, or change the
permissions in debian/rules.

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