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Open ITP without apparent work on it

Hi all,

Bug #269329 is an ITP for Open Xchange - the Suse server gone GPL. It's open since 31 Aug 2004, with a couple of people asking whether the original submitter is intending to release, but without any actual work done.

My question is this - if I package the software myself, can I just submit it and close the bug? Or is it considered rude to just close someone else's ITP?

I don't mind working on it, with the full risk of the original packager submitting a package before I manage to find a sponsore to mine etc. What I don't want happening, though, is that I'll work on it, submit and package, and then be told that this package cannot go in because someone else owns the ITP.

So what's the procedure?


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting ltd.
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