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Re: Open ITP without apparent work on it

On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 12:53:15PM +0200, Shachar Shemesh wrote:
> Bug #269329 is an ITP for Open Xchange - the Suse server gone GPL. It's 
> open since 31 Aug 2004, with a couple of people asking whether the 
> original submitter is intending to release, but without any actual work 
> done.
> My question is this - if I package the software myself, can I just 
> submit it and close the bug? Or is it considered rude to just close 
> someone else's ITP?

Make a note in the ITP that you are keenly interested in seeing Open Xchange
in Debian, and offer to help the initial ITP filer in any way, noting that
if you don't hear anything, you'll commence packaging it yourself.  If that
doesn't get a response in a few days, just go ahead and do it.  ITPs are for
trying to prevent duplication of effort, they aren't exclusive locks over
the packaging of something.

Be prepared to help the original ITPer if they request it, but by the look
of it Laszlo has moved on to other things, or is taking an extended holiday
or something.

> I don't mind working on it, with the full risk of the original packager 
> submitting a package before I manage to find a sponsore to mine etc. 
> What I don't want happening, though, is that I'll work on it, submit and 
> package, and then be told that this package cannot go in because someone 
> else owns the ITP.

To the best of my knowledge, no package has ever been rejected because
someone else submitted the ITP.  ITPs just aren't that sort of thing.

- Matt

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