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Re: Newbie question: missing conf file

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005, Adeodato [iso-8859-1] Simó wrote:

* spam@klub.com.pl [Sun, 30 Jan 2005 21:17:56 +0100]:
This conf file is present in the DEB files, but after installation, it is
not being copied to the /etc/dibbler directory.


   # dpkg --purge dibbler-{server,client,relay}

 And then reinstall. Extra points for me if that solves your problem.
 Extra points for you if, if that solves your problem, you find out
 why. ;-)

 [Now seriously: run "ls /etc/dibbler" and "dpkg -l 'dibbler-*'" before
 running dpkg --purge.]
Wow! Thanks. That solved my problem. If fact those conf files were present in one of my early tries to make deb package. I suppose they were marked as conffiles for that package. I have removed /etc/dibbler manually before, but it did't help. --purging everything with dibbler in name fixed this. Thanks.

So, one extra point for you, one for me and one for IPv6 aware Debian users which are now one step closer to the DHCPv6 support in Debian :)

Thanks again.

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