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Re: Packaging of mailinglist archives

Justin Pryzby wrote:

> It seems its not a native package?  I think the changelog is consulted
> to get the package version (but it must agree with the control file
> and the directory name?).  Meh, apt-get source debian-goodies for
> details:)

I took a look :-) And if I change the directory name into
debian-user-german-200202-1 there is no warning anymore. But if I see
this right, I need to copy or rename the directory for creating a new

So if I find, that debian-user-german-200202-1 has missing some mails
(this is mbox for 200202, version 1), I must change the changelog entry
and rename or copy the directory to debian-user-german-200202-2 to get a
new version that upgradeable?

I'll try this out :-)


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