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Re: RFS: daapd - a music server for the Apple DAA protocol

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Mike Furr wrote:
> Michael A. Dickerson wrote:
> > Sure .. If I make those changes, would you like to upload the package?
> Yes.

Cool .. I will clean up the things you suggested and get back to you off

> Developer's opinions about debconf usage varies quite a bit(like many
> topics in Debian), so I'm not surprised.  _My_ view is that debconf
> usage should be minimized whenever possible and only in situations where
> it greatly reduces complexity should it be used.  Creating simple config
> files which are never touched by debconf again does not fall into this
> category :)

Not to mention that it saves a huge amount of complexity in building the
package in the first place!


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