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RFS: daapd - a music server for the Apple DAA protocol

Hello, I have packaged daapd, a daemon that scans a directory of mp3 files
and shares them on the local network via the Apple DAA protocol.  Together
with mdnsresponder (a Depends:) this makes your library available to
iTunes.  You can also do fun tricks like forward the daapd ports over ssh
and get access to your music remotely.  This would close an RFP from
Roderick Schertler, more than a year ago (see bug #220037).

Package name    : daapd
Version         : 0.2.3d
Upstream Author : Alexander Oberdrster <daap at deleet dot de>
URL             : http://www.deleet.de/projekte/daap/daapd/
License         : GPL
Description     : share mp3 files via DAAP, as used by iTunes

The package files are at: http://www.dci.pomona.edu/debs/

They are signed, and lintian- and linda-approved.  I have maintained a
couple of smart card driver packages (asedriveiiie) for a while and my
sponsor there was very helpful and thorough in inspecting those packages,
so hopefully my daapd package is decent.


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