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Re: RFS: daapd - a music server for the Apple DAA protocol

Michael A. Dickerson wrote:
The package files are at: http://www.dci.pomona.edu/debs/
It looks pretty good.  A few comments:

1) You haves patches in both the .diff.gz and in debian/patches. If you are going to use dpatch, its generally a good idea to have all of the patches managed by it, so that people can easily navigate them.

2) In your makefile patch(in the .diff.gz), don't add -L/usr/lib and -I/usr/include, they are not needed.

3) Please don't abuse debconf. I see no reason to ask any of your questions in debconf, especially since you don't actually make any effort to continue to manage the config file(ie: you only write out the values if the config file doesn't exist.) Instead, it would be better to provide a well commented shell of a config file explaining the options and check that it has been properly edited in the init script with something like
  grep -q '^ServerName' $CONFIG && grep -q '^Root' $CONFIG
to check that all of the required options have been set and if not, print out a helpful message.


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