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Re: some questions on multiple binaries per source

OK, two answers, two contradictory ones, I'm helped... :-)

So, conclusion is that the policy is not conclusive on this point, and I'm free to do like I feel better (anyway my sponsor will decide).

Thanks, Eric

Colin Watson wrote:
On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 03:38:40PM -0500, Justin Pryzby wrote:

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 09:06:24PM +0100, Eric Lavarde wrote:

- more specific question: one of the additional packages is a plugin, FreeMind itself "requires" Java, the plugin "requires" Java and FreeMind. Am I supposed to write in the control file that the plugin does depend on Java, if it's already depending on something that depend on Java?

Nope, Debian is sane like that.

However, if the plugin itself uses Java, it should also depend on it
directly. Consider (however unlikely) that FreeMind stopped using Java;
if the plugin still must have Java itself independent of FreeMind, it
should have its own dependency on it.


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