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Re: some questions on multiple binaries per source

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 09:06:24PM +0100, Eric Lavarde wrote:
> I'm packaging FreeMind (old version somewhere on the upload path), and 
> the new version is requesting multiple packages. So here two questions:
> - is there somewhere a specific description of multi-packaging? the new 
> maintainer tutorial isn't really explaining much and I couldn't find 
> anything specific in the developer reference or Debian Policy.
I donno, the easiest way is to look at how to do it for an arch +
arch-indep split, like a -doc package.  You'll have the same Source:
stuff in debian/control, and then you'll have multiple Package: lines
(each followed by other information: Architecture:, Depends:, ...).
For each of those packages, you will need to place files into
debian/$pkg/... where ... is the path where you want the file
installed.  Debian build system will do all of the arch-indep packages
together (at least by default, using debhelper, etc.) and presumably
all the arch-dep packages together too.  So the build-arch: rule
should fill debian/$pkg/ directories.

> - more specific question: one of the additional packages is a plugin, 
> FreeMind itself "requires" Java, the plugin "requires" Java and 
> FreeMind. Am I supposed to write in the control file that the plugin 
> does depend on Java, if it's already depending on something that depend 
> on Java?
Nope, Debian is sane like that.


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