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Re: RFS for ITA: xcruise -- Fly about a 3D-formed file system

Hello again!

On Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 02:34:46AM +0200, Florian Ernst wrote:
> please help me fixing this amusing package (ITA for orphaned package,
> see http://bugs.debian.org/215195 for reference) by simply checking
> and possibly uploading it.
> [...]
> Excerpt from .changes:
> Closes: 213654 215132 215195 215864 215865 215866
> [...]
> After this upload only two wishlist bugs and one important (segfault,
> unreproducible on my system, being investigated) will be left.
> You can find my packaging (.orig.tar.gz from Debian archives,
> .diff.gz, .dsc, .changes, .deb; built in a sid-chroot; lintian and
> linda clean) at
> <http://ernst.uni-hd.de/debian/xcruise>

Awww, I take it nobody wants to sponsor this ITA? Not even as one of
the bugfixes (#213654) has already been confirmed by a DD?

The one remaining non-wishlist bug (#243363) is being investigated,
upstream is well aware of the problem...

Perhaps with a pretty please, with sugar on the top? :)

> Please help me getting this package into a usable state again by
> uploading my changes. If there is anything I should / need to change
> just tell me and I'll work on it as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking your time,

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