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Re: RFS for ITA: xcruise -- Fly about a 3D-formed file system

Hello Jeremy!

On Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 09:01:20AM +0200, Jeremy Lainé wrote:
> > After this upload only two wishlist bugs and one important
> > (segfault, unreproducible on my system, being investigated) will be
> > left.
> I get a segmentation fault on my system, it's pretty strange.. If I
> just run xcruise, the velocity starts to go negative, and increasingly
> so (it goes to collosal numbers). After about 5 seconds, the program
> bails out with a segmentation fault. The only way I can prevent this
> is by pressing button 1 as soon as I launch xcruise.
> The strange thing is that I tried to to run valgrind to pinpoint the
> memory problem and nothing happened (as in "xcruise did not start
> racing away from the galaxies").

It is quite strange for me as well, as I have never seen this segfault
myself. Somehow it doesn't trigger on my (two) systems, so I'm a bit
at a loss so far, but I will keep checking using the reports

Can you please add this information to bugreport #243363 so the future
maintainer (hopefully me ;)) has it in the archives?

Thanks a lot,

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