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Re: Separating packages.

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 09:24:10AM +0000, n.v.t n.v.t wrote:

> Hello all.
> I have simple question which I could not find in the debian policy, maybe 
> someone could point me out to that section or the right documentation? Or a 
> explanation would be nice. I'm debianizing a package that I would like to 
> split up in several parts, the package has a 'backgrounds' directory a 
> 'icons' directory and a 'examples' directory. How do I handle this? I would 
> like to create packages like:
> package-backgrounds
> package-icons
> package-examples
> package-name (which contains all of the above) Should I do this as a 
> meta-package? How do I create a meta-package?

Is it really necessary to split it up like this?  What is gained by placing
the icons and backgrounds in separate packages?

If the program isn't useful without this data, then it should be included in
the same package with the program, unless (for example) it is very large and
could benefit from being moved into an architecture: all package.  Even in
that case, do the backgrounds and icons need to be separate?

 - mdz

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