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Re: RFS: New version of cvs-autoreleasedeb

Eike zyro Sauer wrote:
> Raphael Goulais schrieb:
> >  - Why do you remove /var/log/cvs-autoreleasedeb.log at postrm, since
> >    the log files are in /var/log/cvs-autoreleasedeb/ ? Also, I don't
> >    think you should remove the log files anyway, even on a purge.
> Is this consensus?
> I thought I'd get rid of everything a package made when purging.

I'm not familiar with this package, but policy is quite clear:

     Log files should be removed when the package is purged (but not when
     it is only removed).  This should be done by the `postrm' script when
     it is called with the argument `purge' (see Section 6.7, `Details of
     removal and/or configuration purging').

see shy jo

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