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RFS: New version of cvs-autoreleasedeb

I'm looking for a sponsor for the version 0.5-1 of cvs-autoreleasedeb
that already is into the archive.

The files to upload are available at sourceforge

Description: Automatically release/upload debian packages from CVS
 This package provides the capability of automatically publish a
 deb package directly from the CVS source. The CVS source must be
 already in the format managed by cvs-buildpackage, since
 cvs-buildpackage will be used to generate the deb.
 This package is useful to release the 'unstable' version of a
 software. The control of when to release the deb is made by
 watching the debian/changelog file. This script maintains a list
 of which packages to automate and the version they are. Every
 time you increases the version in changelog, the package you are
 working will be generated. 

Thanks in advance,


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