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Re: RFS: New version of cvs-autoreleasedeb

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 19:56, Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> I'm looking for a sponsor for the version 0.5-1 of cvs-autoreleasedeb
> that already is into the archive.

Some remarks first :

 - Why do you remove /var/log/cvs-autoreleasedeb.log at postrm, since
   the log files are in /var/log/cvs-autoreleasedeb/ ? Also, I don't
   think you should remove the log files anyway, even on a purge.
 - It sounds dangerous to purge the user and group on a failed or
   aborted upgrade.
 - some dh_ scripts are called but not used (this is cosmetic)
 - The dir contained in orig.tar.gz is postfixed with .orig. This is
   not the good way (see warning when building the package).



PS: If you think I'm wrong on some point, just tell me why :)

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