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RFS: scribus


I'm looking for a sponsor for uploading updated packages of scribus -
the best Linux Desktop Publishing program. It's been orphaned by the
maintainer and I submitted an ITP after 3 weeks of wait or so. Scribus
is being very rapidly developed and offers features rivaling and in
some places surpassing those of Adobe Pagemaker and Quark Xpress. It has
professional DTP capability and definitely the best in linuxland PDF
export. It'd be a shame not to keep it updated in our favorite distro.

The latest scribus version in unstable is 1.1.4. I've been maintaining a
private repository for cvs builds for few weeks. Now that 1.1.5 is out
and the development is forging ahead to 1.2.0 I'd like to get 1.2.0.cvs
packages into unstable.

If you'd like to sponsor this package please check it out of

deb binary/
deb-src source/

There a couple of issues with the policy conformance. There is an image
in "lib" hierarchy and for the plugins to work I had to set executable
permissions on the libs. My goal at the moment is to produce a
well-working package with minimal deviation from the package structure
that the Debian developer that was maintaining scribus prior to this set
up. I've updated the man page and the menu icon. Later on, I intend to
bring the package in full compliance with debian policy/FHS, but it will
require either changes in the upstream source that they are reluctant to
make at the moment or, more likely, extensive patching on this side.

Packages are signed. My pgp info is at http://www.tagancha.org/pgp

Thank you,

Oleksandr (Alex.) Moskalenko

P.S.: package info from apt-cache show

Package: scribus
Version: 1.2.0.cvs20040219
Priority: optional
Section: graphics
Maintainer: Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex@tagancha.org>
Depends: libart-2.0-2 (>= 2.3.8), libaudio2, libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-4),
libcupsys2 (>= 1.1.19final-1), libfontconfig1 (>= 2.2.1), libfreetype6
(>= 2.1.5-1), libgcc1 (>= 1:3.3.2-1), libice6 | xlibs (>> 4.1.0),
libjpeg62, liblcms1 (>= 1.08-1), libpng12-0 (>=,
libqt3c102-mt (>= 3:3.2.3), libsm6 | xlibs (>> 4.1.0), libstdc++5 (>=
1:3.3.2-1), libtiff3g, libx11-6 | xlibs (>> 4.1.0), libxcursor1,
libxext6 | xlibs (>> 4.1.0), libxft2 (>> 2.1.1), libxmu6 | xlibs (>>
4.1.0), libxrender1, libxt6 | xlibs (>> 4.1.0), python2.3 (>= 2.3),
xlibmesa-gl | libgl1, zlib1g (>= 1:1.2.1), gs (>= 7.07) | gs-aladdin (>=
7.04) | gs-esp (>= 7.07)
Recommends: xfonts-scalable | gsfonts-x11
Conflicts: scribuscvs
Replaces: scribuscvs
Architecture: i386
Filename: binary/scribus_1.2.0.cvs20040219_i386.deb
Size: 2404046
Installed-Size: 7119
MD5sum: c3a16eb098a94f7e9cd06b91c16b3516
Description: a free software desktop publishing program
 Scribus is a free software layout program for GNU/Linux similar to a
 couple of proprietary programs from Adobe and Quark.
 Unlike other programs Scribus uses only Type1 fonts of the X-Server.
 Therefore there is no fiddling around with installing extra fonts. For
 this reason the number of fonts is a little bit limited, but you can be
 sure that your monitor shows exactly the same as the printed output is.
 Documentation for this package is currently available as a man page (1)
 on-line at http://www.scribus.org.uk/.

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