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Re: Is this sufficient for an application?

Hi Sean,

> Not to sound negative but ......

> What will you give to Debian directly?  We do not really have marketing
> people per se.

> From your intro it looks like you could assist with the documentation
> projects.  Perhaps with the new installer docs?  We always need more and
> better documentation.

> Debian likes new blood, really we do (-:

Well - due to a lot of contacts I have and a lot of projects I support, I
might have good possibilites of getting more attention to Debian, especially
in the educational area in Germany. Doing that as an "official" Debian guy
is better than doing it as just a "fan" of Debian.

I can be your man! The fact that you don't have official marketing people
yet doesn't mean you can't have some in the future. What did you just say
about new blood? :-)

So, what do you think? :-)

    -- florian

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