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Re: Is this sufficient for an application?

Hello Florian,

Florian Effenberger wrote:
> I've been working with Debian for three years now and consider myself to be
> very experienced regarding the system. I maintain several servers and
> routers and even support datacenters using Debian systems. I've written down
> about 100 pages of documentation for myself right now.

Wow!  That's certainly impressive.

> To show my enthusiasm and to be "a part of the community", I would like to
> become an official Debian "developer". The reason why I wrote developer in
> quotation marks is that I'm not a programmer all the way. I can "hack" down
> some scripts, but that's not my best job.
> Mainly, I would like support the marketing and user support area, especially
> focussing on Germans educational and governmental institutions, as I already
> have experience in that field. I work together closely with some schools (on
> a honorary basis, so I don't do this commercially) and plan to extend my
> work.
> My question to you is: Is this already sufficient for an application, or do
> I need to do all those technical skills tests like packaging, which I do not
> need, as I don't want to contribute in that area?

There are many ways to contribute to Debian besides maintaining
packages.  In fact, the current NM process already has a number of
alternative tracks for those who are not interested in packaging.

AIUI, you follow the normal NM process, but when it comes time for the
Tasks & Skills check, you will get something different than a packager
will.  See <http://www.debian.org/devel/join/nm-step4> for more
information on this.  Also, you can ask on the debian-newmaint list, as
it is more appropriate for NM questions of this type [M-F-T set].

> Would like to be a part of the community and I hope someone can help me :-)

Thank you for your offer!


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