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Re: Is this sufficient for an application?

Hi Thomas,

> Well, I'd probably tell you to stick around some more and try to submit
> bugs with patches or do whatever you do. If you're not doing package
> maintentance you'd probably not be in a hurry to become a developer
> anyway. There's quite a few applicants or new maintainers that are
> probably much wider known for their work on various areas (e.g. Joe,
> Nathanial, Frank, ...). OTOH, obviously someone advocated you last time
> around. But I'm not a DD, so I have no say in it anyway.

Well, I've been waiting for quite a while, and if I want to start more
projects with Debian, now it's time to become an official developer. :-)

So I hope someone on the list with appropriate permissions could help me *g*


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