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Re: Packaging phpLDAPadmin. Newbie's questions.

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 02:07:46PM -0600, David Segonds wrote:

> 1. Even though, Architecture was set to 'all' in debian/packages, the
> 'changes' file I obtain is tagged with 'i386'. Is this normal? The same
> thing happen when I repackage phpmyadmin.

Yes, don't worry about it.

> 2. There is an INSTALL file in the upstream .tar.gz and I want to copy
> it in /usr/share/doc/phpldapadmin but 'lintian -l' is complaining about
> it saying that upstream install instructions are useless to the Debian
> users installing the package. Can I rename this file as README, as it
> contains more information than the traditionnal INSTALL instructions?

You could rename it, but it would be better for upstream to rename it if it
is not installation instructions.  That way, pointers to documentation are
consistent between upstream and Debian.  You could also ignore lintian.

> 3. How far should I go in configuring the package after installation?
> Should I prompt the user for the information about the LDAP server
> he/she intends to connect to? Should I let the user manually edit the
> configuration file. Changing two lines is likely to be enough in most
> situations.

It is up to you, and depends on what you think would provide the best value
for you and your users.

 - mdz

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