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question for a package

Saturday I  received a  present: a  basic stamp  board with  sensors and
servos .  For those who don't  know basic stamp it  is a microcontroller
based on a pic running a basic interpreter.

I found a  compiler and a software  loader for linux, but  for it wasn't
good organized  I decided to remake  it better. It works  good now, I've
already written the rules for making a deb from it.

There's a problem: the compiler uses  a shared object from parallax (thr
industry that  makes basic  stamp microcontrollers)  and it  isn't free.
They don't even give the source, so it in't good for debian, even if the
rest of the code is under gpl.

Basic  stamp is  a good  micro for  teaching in  the schools,  it's much
easier than other  micros, so I think it should  be important for debian
to include it. But can it be  possible? I mean, could I submit a package
for the  non-free section of  debian (if I find  a mentor)? Or  should I
create a  package with only the  free software and create  a script that
downloads the shared object from the parallax site and submit the deb to
the contrib section?

If anyone of you has got some ideas and wants to see the source, the url
is http://www.campana.vi.it/ottavio/progetti/basicstamp-1.0.tar.gz


PS: this package needs to create the link /dev/bstamp to a /dev/ttyS? in
order to access the demo board. I'd like to create a user interface that
during the setup asks the user for the  port to link to. I see that many
other programs  use these windows, but  I cannot understand how  to make
it. How can I do it?

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