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Packaging phpLDAPadmin. Newbie's questions.

Dear mentors,

I am working on packaging phpLDAPadmin which is a php product to manage
an LDAP server.

I have installed and used the product without any problems and I have a
few questions regarding its packaging.

I am using yada to help me with the package building process and
inspired myself a lot from phpmyadmin which is a very similar package to

Packages are available on http://www.segonds.org/

1. Even though, Architecture was set to 'all' in debian/packages, the
'changes' file I obtain is tagged with 'i386'. Is this normal? The same
thing happen when I repackage phpmyadmin.

2. There is an INSTALL file in the upstream .tar.gz and I want to copy
it in /usr/share/doc/phpldapadmin but 'lintian -l' is complaining about
it saying that upstream install instructions are useless to the Debian
users installing the package. Can I rename this file as README, as it
contains more information than the traditionnal INSTALL instructions?

3. How far should I go in configuring the package after installation?
Should I prompt the user for the information about the LDAP server
he/she intends to connect to? Should I let the user manually edit the
configuration file. Changing two lines is likely to be enough in most

David Segonds - PGP 0x1F7A3E7A

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