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Re: Packaging phpLDAPadmin. Newbie's questions.

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:07:46 -0600
David Segonds <david@segonds.org> wrote:

> Dear mentors,

Hi David,

[I'm not really a mentor but interrested in phpLDAPAdmin]

> I am working on packaging phpLDAPadmin which is a php product to manage
> an LDAP server.


> Packages are available on http://www.segonds.org/
> 1. Even though, Architecture was set to 'all' in debian/packages, the
> 'changes' file I obtain is tagged with 'i386'. Is this normal? The same
> thing happen when I repackage phpmyadmin.

It's normal because you built it on this architecture but the most
important is the *_all* in the '.deb'

> 2. There is an INSTALL file in the upstream .tar.gz and I want to copy
> it in /usr/share/doc/phpldapadmin but 'lintian -l' is complaining about
> it saying that upstream install instructions are useless to the Debian
> users installing the package. Can I rename this file as README, as it
> contains more information than the traditionnal INSTALL instructions?

No problem with that, maybe you can add this information in your
README.Debian file.

> 3. How far should I go in configuring the package after installation?
> Should I prompt the user for the information about the LDAP server
> he/she intends to connect to? Should I let the user manually edit the
> configuration file. Changing two lines is likely to be enough in most
> situations.

There is a document descriing the use of debconf but I did not find the
exact reference :'(!

You can see the man page of debconf:



    Another nice feature  of debconf is that the  questions it asks  you
    are prioritized. If you don't want to be bothered about every little
    thing, you can  set up debconf to only ask  you the  most  important
    questions.  On the  other hand, if you are a  control freak, you can
    make it  show you all questions.  Each question has  a priority.  In
    increasing  order  of importance:

    low    Very  trivial questions that have defaults that will work  in
           the vast majority of cases.

    medium Normal questions that have reasonable defaults.

    high   Questions that don't have a reasonable default.

    critical Questions that you really, really need to see (or else).

    Only  questions with  a  priority  equal to  or  greater  than   the
    priority  you  choose   will  be   shown  to  you. You  can  set the
    priority value  by reconfiguring debconf, or  temporarily by passing
    --priority= followed  by the value  to the dpkg-reconfigure  (8) and
    dpkg-preconfigure (8) com- mands,  or by setting the DEBIAN_PRIORITY
    environment variable.

So if phpLDAPadmin absolutely needs an url to an ldap server, you'll
have to ask the admin. If it's not needed you don't need to ask no

Best regards,

  .''`. Arnaud Vandyck
 : :' : http://people.debian.org/~avdyk/
 `. `'  

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