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Re: FAQ for debian-mentors

* Ismael Valladolid Torres (ismael@sambara.org) [030909 18:35]:
> I usually backport packages from unstable. Some of them seem to have
> been packaged using woody, some of them seem to have been packaged
> using sid. For those in the first group, a simple apt-get build-dep
> satisfies build dependencies and everything is very easy. For those in

Sometimes you _have_ to break compatibility with woody. E.g. I have a
package using libpng. To get compatibility with sarge, I had to
upgrade my build-dep to libpng12-dev, which of course fails on woody.
I documented this in changelog, but I can't change that.

Well, in this case I would like to insert a line "Build-Depends-Woody"
in the control-file, but that is not supported.

> Obviously, I would make sure that my packages *also* build on sid (and
> maybe even on sarge) before seeking an sponsor.

Please check also that the packages work, at least some basic

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