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Re: FAQ for debian-mentors

* Ismael Valladolid Torres (ismael@sambara.org) [030909 12:58]:
> Is it in some way "mandatory" using sid as the developing and
> packaging environment?
> I usually have stable installed, and even have built some simple
> packages against stable dependencies. Wouldn't they have a chance of
> getting into Debian mainstream because of this?

Normally packages are uploaded to sid. So, they must be build on sid.

That doesn't mean that you must make your normal machines sid. I e.g.
maintain and develop with woody, but have a sid-uml and a
sid-partition. However, you must be prepared to fall sometimes in one
environment with something that's no problem in the other. (And of
course really test your packages before upload, and know what are the
changes to your build environment since woody, e.g. newer libraries.
But it is doable. And it has the nice benefit that all "my" packages
are building equally well in woody and sarge, except things that are
explicit said in the changelog like changed build-dependencies.)

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