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Re: FAQ for debian-mentors

El martes,  9 de septiembre de 2003, a las 13:05, Andreas Barth escribe:
> Normally packages are uploaded to sid. So, they must be build on sid.

Packages must be uploaded to sid. So, they normally are built on sid.

This makes more sense to me.

I usually backport packages from unstable. Some of them seem to have
been packaged using woody, some of them seem to have been packaged
using sid. For those in the first group, a simple apt-get build-dep
satisfies build dependencies and everything is very easy. For those in
the second group, sometimes you have to recursively backport
libraries, newer autoconf or automake versions, or even the Debian

Obviously, I would make sure that my packages *also* build on sid (and
maybe even on sarge) before seeking an sponsor.

Regards, Ismael
"Tout fourmille de commentaries; d'auteurs il en est grande cherté"

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