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Re: Mentor Requests?

* "Philip S. Hempel" 

| I wanted to know after looking at the stats on this list for mentors
| and new maint. What is a normal time to wait until you should say
| something to someone about your status/request for a Mentor?
| I was concerned with the time I saw for some that have waited at
| least 3 weeks to 6 months to become a maintainer. I noticed some had
| not yet to have recieved a mentor.

a mentor is not a necessary part of the NM process, though it often
helps, and s/he can offer you help and advice through the process.

| Thanks, I put in a request last week for a mentor for my Debian
| packages of MessageWall located at
| http://ns.linuxhardcore.com/debian/

I've been interested in looking at them, but haven't had the time
yet.  I'll try to look at them in a few days.  Bug me if you don't get
any response.

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