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Re: lintian: binary-has-unneeded-section

On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 01:10:51AM +1100, Drew Parsons wrote:
> > Both dh_strip and install -s will strip those two sections, because
> > we decided (long ago) that they're a waste of space.  Stripping
> > them is not required, though, it's just a good thing to do if it's
> > not too much trouble.  That's why it's an info message instead of
> > a warning.
> I can't win.  I replaced the lines
>   strip --strip-debug *.a
>   strip --strip-unneeded *.so
> with
>     dh_strip
> and now lintian whinges about
> E: meschach: unstripped-binary-or-object ./usr/lib/libmeschach.so.1.2
> What does dh_strip work on exactly?  The man page doesn't seem to specify
> how it locates the library files it's stripping.

It checks debian/<tmp|secondbinarypackage|thirdbinarypackage|...>/usr/lib/*
or so, and debian/firstbinarypackage instead of debian/tmp in case you use

FWIW it works for me[TM] :o)

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