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lintian: binary-has-unneeded-section

Getting back to the meschach libraries, which I was asking about a little
while ago, when I run lintian on the built packages, I get the following
error report: 

W: meschach-dev: postinst-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig
W: meschach: binary-has-unneeded-section ./usr/lib/libmeschach.so.1.2 .note
W: meschach: binary-has-unneeded-section ./usr/lib/libmeschach.so.1.2 .comment

I got no idea whatsoever what the second two messages mean.  I'm compiling
the library with flags -fPIC to get a shared library.  What's all this about
uneeded sections, notes and comments?


p.s. I'll ask about the first problem later, but if anyone has any
suggestions about that too... I have two postinst files called
meschach.postinst and meschach-dev.postinst, the former refers to ldconfig
while the latter does not.  So why is meschach-dev getting the postinst with
ldconfig for meschach?

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