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Re: Bug #23053 (was Re: fix for frozen)

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@tripnet.se> writes:

> > Please don't flame people who report *major* SNAFU's in your
> > program.
> Well... He didn't report it...

Perhaps not, but he was one of the people involved in finding it; I
know because I (half-)watched them doing so on IRC.

> > You entirely missed Jim's point.  /etc/shadow is owned by another
> > package, therefore you should not be mucking with it.
> If one should not go mucking with the file, how do one add/remove
> users then?

I hope you're joking, but I have this depressing feeling you're not.
Please look at the passwd package and RTFM.

> > There are provided interfaces to /etc/shadow, kindly use them (or
> > show why you can not).
> Yes, this is such a interface. This is a administration program, one
> I wrote to replace adduser, which seldom work for me, or my
> users/administrators.

No, it's not an interface.  Something which has no concept of locking
is *not* an interface to /etc/shadow, it's an abomination.  *You do
not own this file, you can not much with it directly without good
reason* (and you have no good reason, you don't even seem to have
figured out commands like `useradd', so please don't pretend you have
a reason).

~Yawn And Walk North~

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