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Re: New package - orthanc-gdcm

Hi Andreas,

>> If this helps, I could consider decompressing the archive and keeping
>> only the required source files. Do you think this possible solution
>> could mitigate the issue?
> Hmmm, I once had the idea that some "Build-Depends: source-package"
> would be somehow handy - but this does not exist unfortunately.  For my
> gut feeling if you can cope with only a few source packages this could
> be possibly more acceptable for ftpmaster.  However, I hope you might
> be able to follow the library idea in the (far) future.

Indeed, the "Build-Depends: source-package" would be really great! Also,
I swear that I am considering the library idea for the Orthanc framework.

As discussed, I have updated the package by extracting the sources of
the Orthanc framework into a dedicated folder:


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