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Re: New package - orthanc-gdcm

Hi Andreas,

> I've done
>     routine-update -f
> to bring some packaging stuff up to date (please git pull). 

Thanks for your quick feedback!

> What
> prevented me from uploading is debian/ThirdPartyDownloads.  Do you
> really need to provide an orthanc code archive here?  Wouldn't it be
> more straightforward to create a library from orthanc and link against
> this?  I bet ftpmaster would stumble upon this.

This "debian/ThirdPartyDownloads" stuff is for sharing code between the
official Orthanc plugins. Indeed, creating a separate library would be
ideal, but this would require a huge amount of upstream work (which I
can't afford as I must develop new features), and the resulting library
wouldn't be useful out of the official Orthanc plugins.

If this helps, I could consider decompressing the archive and keeping
only the required source files. Do you think this possible solution
could mitigate the issue?


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