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Re: RFS: prinseq-lite: added dependencies to fix autopkgtest failures

Hi Étienne,

On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 07:41:48PM +0200, Étienne Mollier wrote:
> > Swig wrappers could (and, in my understanding of Debian policies of
> > rebuilding things from source, should) be regenerated from Cephes.i file.
> It makes sense.  In that particular case though, after a bit of
> reading and quite some testing, the resulting Cephes.pm
> regenerated by swig fails the build time testing.  I don't
> exclude this is caused by a mishandling of mine with swig.
> Here is the kind of command I was considering in d/rules:
> 	swig -perl5 -module Math::Cephes -I$(CURDIR)libmd/ \
> 		-o $(CURDIR)/lib/Math/Cephes.pm Cephes.i
> But I'm afraid to suspect manual modifications in Cephes.pm.
> Maybe I'll leave these files as such for the moment.
> Anyway, thanks for the pointer!
> I believe I learned something useful with swig.

If I were you I would formally commit your try and ask on debian-mentors
(may be adding some diff between the upstream version and the generated
one).  In case it does not trigger some help I agree that for the moment
the upstream provided file might be OK.

Sorry, but I can not help with swig.

Kind regards



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