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Re: RFS: prinseq-lite: added dependencies to fix autopkgtest failures

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Tille, on 2020-05-16 11:35:48 +0200:
> I fully agree.  BTW, in the debian/TODO you wrote about the missing
> Statistics::PCA.  As far as my experience with Perl modules packaging
> reaches its relatively easy to create Perl packages.  Do you want to
> take the challenge to enable us providing fully featured prinseq-graphs?

Sure!  Maybe not immediately, as may be a bit offline this week
end, but probably in the coming week.

> You might like to ask for help in Debian Perl team which is extremely
> supportive.

Sounds good, I understood they may have some routines for
converting CPAN entries into Debian packages.  Will check with

> BTW, next time please make sure that the changelog date is later
> than the previous changelog - lintian throws errors about it.  I
> usually create the last changelog entry by doing
>    dch -r
> (if not using routine-update -f which is doing the very same).

I really ought to use the latter systematically, especially past
a certain hour...  :)

> Thanks again

You're welcome,
Thank you for the reminders!

Kind Regards,
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