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Re: Packaging libsis-jhdf5-java -- help needed

Hi Andreas,

Le 08/05/2020 à 22:51, Andreas Tille a écrit :
> If you think you might be able to care for the h5ar binary issue in the
> next couple of days I would delay the upload to fix the RC bug.  I guess
> this will not have any practical drawback if the propagation of this
> package to testing will be delayed some more days.

This is done, I have pushed the changes to Salsa. The candidate upload
- close bug 959955 by renaming the .so (we discussed it some days ago);
- provide a *new binary package*, which I called h5ar. It contains the
wrapper script /usr/bin/h5ar and the jar that it wraps. The build of
this jar is done using jh_build as it is not handled by the gradle call
of upstream. I put the wrapper and its jar in a new package in order to
comply with Debian Java policy [0], which makes a clear distinction
between programs and libraries;
- provide a test for this h5ar package in the testsuite;
- provide hardening while building this .so;
- provide tests of the testsuite as package examples.

Thanks in advance for your time and possible future advice on this
packaging (in particular in case you would recommend another name for
the new package h5ar),

Best regards,

[0] https://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/java-policy/ch02.html

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