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Re: Packaging libsis-jhdf5-java -- help needed

Hi Andreas,

Le 08/05/2020 à 22:05, Andreas Tille a écrit :
> Very nice.  Thanks a lot for your work.  I've built and installed the
> package.  When noticing that there is no manpage for h5ar I intended to
> check whether it might be cheap to create one via help2man.  However,
> this ended up in
> $ h5ar 
> cat: /usr/version.txt: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
> Error: Unable to access jarfile /usr/lib/sis-jhdf5-h5ar-cli-.jar
> I think we need some more patches adjusting pathes to let this script
> run successfully.  Are you volunteering to have a look?

Absolutely. This is part of the complementary tasks I was planning to do
(my Salsa push of yesterday was only to fix the RC bug). h5ar was not in
the previous packaging of libsis-jhdf5-java.

I have seen that creating a man page should be easy, and while running
h5ar as you did, I saw there was an issue with that version.txt file
(easy to fix) and another one with the jar file, which is currently not
built as it has not been part of the package libsis-jhdf5-java up to now.
I will thus try to patch the gradle build script (or to edit d/rules) to
build this new jar, and I need to learn a bit more about gradle to do
so, which I am doing those days :-)
Curiously, the jar is provided by upstream, there exists a task to build
it in its gradle script, but it is not built by jh_build.

> Thanks a lot for your work in any case
>     Andreas.

Thanks for having looked at this!
All the best,

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