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Re: [Help] Failed to upgrade bcftools to version 1.5

Hi all,

> Well, I was going to branch off a separate branch from the
> debian/1.4.1-2 tag, add the patches, build and upload 1.4.1-3 from
> there, and then just add the changelog entry to the current master (as
> the patches should already been in the latest upstream code, right?).
> If one wants to reproduce the exact 1.4.1-3 state it should still be
> possible via the branch.

I guess I'm going to do that for now.

> Anyway, a more acute problem is that even with the patches [1] I can't
> get bcftools 1.4.1 to build in a recent i386 sid chroot. I get some new
> failed tests that you did not encounter in the original bug report:
> Number of tests:
>     total   .. 617
>     passed  .. 561
>     failed  .. 56

Oops, just noticed that i386 never built in the first place, and the
patches addressed getting the currently out-of-date builds on armel and
mipsel to work. I can confirm from builds on porterboxes that these now
finish, so I'm going to upload a new bcftools 1.4.1 version with the
patches but leave the bug (#868958) open since not all 32-bit archs are
building yet.

OK with everyone?


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