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debian/upstream/metadata: registry item for the Blends' task pages?

Dear Andreas, dear Charles,

You know me adding references to RRID, bio.tools and OMICtools these
days. I am doing this for what I see currently active on the list
(usually too late for the upload) or for what is already checked out on
my laptop's hard drive. That done it will be about completing all tools
of  a CWL-implemented workflow that I like.

In a direct email to Charles (asking if "Registry" was OK after becoming
aware of the reserved keyword "Registration" with a different semantics,
"Catalog" would be an alternative) I had raised the idea that we could
possibly use the same concept to assign packages to task pages of any
blend. This seems likely to simplify the packager's workflow since all
information about the package is in the same place. 

The format could be

       - Name: Blend
          Entry: med/ngs

Just keep the idea spinning for a while.



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