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Re: [Help] Failed to upgrade bcftools to version 1.5

On 25/07/2017 11:20, Andreas Tille wrote:
So how will we deal with #865006 and issues in python-pysam?

I made a few minor changes to python-pysam (which builds against bcftools 1.4.1) as it stands in git, and managed to get it to build and pass its tests. If there are no objections, I can push my changes and upload on Monday.

The remaining bugs blocking the transition are augustus (bug #869126) and bcftools (bug #868958). Sascha has already pushed the augustus changes to git, and it just needs an upload. The two fixes for bcftools are in the bug report, someone should review them and upload.

The patches can be grabbed from the Ubuntu package:

Have a good weekend!

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