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Re: RFP for bioperl's Bio-EUtilities

On 1/24/17, 2:03 PM, "carandraug@gmail.com on behalf of Carnë Draug" <carandraug@gmail.com on behalf of carandraug+dev@gmail.com> wrote:

>> Yes, I know.  I simply have forwarded the issue upstream since the RFP
>> came from upstream and I considered it more sensible if they provide
>> some means to exclude http access directly in their code.
>>> Of course an upstream fix, e.g. skipping tests if
>>> $ENV{NETWORK_TESTING} is not set etc., would be nicer.
>> Exactly. :-)
>I will fix this upstream.  I am learning what I can about debian
>packaging at the moment (with pkg-perl) by trying to release some
>packages that are needed by bioperl developers (bug #852467).  I am
>hoping that allow me to follow this better.
>>> (Hm, is this the package that was discussed on #debian-perl on IRC
>>> earlier yesterday? :))
>> May be - I'm usually not on IRC ...
>Yes, this is that package.  I asked there about what was pkg-perl
>preferred method to handle network tests [1].
>[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-med/2017/01/msg00114.html

Hi Carnë,

Any idea what may be causing this?  I was wondering whether this is an issue with a specific XML::SAX parser plugin; I vaguely recall one (I think XML::SAX::Expat) causing problems with BLAST XML output b/c it looked for the XML DTD locally by default, and if not there it attempted to access the file remotely.


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