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Re: Please help freeing libcolt-java

On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 06:51:24PM +0100, Martin Steghöfer wrote:
> Hi Andreas!
> Andreas Tille wrote:
> >Does anybody honestly think that the vanished author who does not
> >seem to care for his very old code at all will mind about our
> >perfectly theoretical discussion?
> Very, very likely he won't. But if the fact that the copyright owner
> won't sue us is the relevant criterion, then we might keep the whole
> libcolt-java package as is and upload it to the main Debian archive
> under the pure LGPL. Then why bother about fixing the licensing
> issues at all?

I did not wanted to stress the "don't sue" part but rather the "don't
care" part in the sense:   If you would be able to meet the author and
ask him really he would immediately agree to drop the constraint since
later versions have dropped it anyway.  I admit that this is pure
speculation but sounds pretty logical to me even if I can not provide
any proof.

Kind regards



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