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Re: Please help freeing libcolt-java

On Mon, 23 Feb 2015, Martin Steghöfer wrote:

> So is it the official Debian position

There cannot be an official Debian position on this,
either it’s so or not, based on law ;-)

> that interfaces are not protected by copyright law? I'm not an expert

IANAL either, but interoperability is a big thing in
the EU, although it’s more about data, from what we
heard at the talk one or two FOSDEMs ago (Zack was
there too).

But even for the USA (AIUI) it’s valid that facts cannot
be protected by copyright, which requires creativity.

“We have a method x that takes an integer and a string
and returns an integer and throws no exceptions, and a
method y that doesn't take any arguments and returns
void, and call this the interface z” is a fact.

If there’s exactly one way to write that down in the
programming language Java, then that is a fact, too.
(I don’t know Java well, but from what I’ve seen, an
interface looks like a class devoid of code.)

> at all. I've heard about the big lawsuit Oracle vs. Google about the
> Android interfaces, but I thought that applied only to the US. Is that

Much of this was about the implementation of these
interfaces, which is something different, and then
there was actual allegedly-copied code. I didn’t
monitor the outcome.

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