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Re: Please help freeing libcolt-java

On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 06:14:15PM +0100, Martin Steghöfer wrote:
> Hi Thorsten!
> Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> >Can you, or anyone really, give some detail on what exactly is the
> >problem here (which files)?
> I'm sorry for not having been more specific from the beginning.
> Given that you had brought up the interface aspect yourself, I
> thought we were on the same page.

I admit I have not followed all this legal issues discussed here but may
I interupt you for a moment with some pratical consideration of the

  The old code copy of hep.aida in libcolt-java is LGPL with
  exception for military use.  Contacting the author about this
  failed in several occurances.
  The currently maintained hep.aida code does not have the the

Does anybody honestly think that the vanished author who does not seem
to care for his very old code at all will mind about our perfectly
theoretical discussion?  I think he will mind the same as militars who
used libcolt without caring about the license.  I'd not say that this is
a good reason to ignore legal issues but I personally will not spend my
time into something which might is most probably a simple failure in

Kind regards



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