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Re: sponsor upload 1.1.13-1

On Sat, 04 Aug 2012, andrei zavada wrote:
> > we do!   so now I can only start speculating what has happened in your
> > case:
> > - was building from a wrong (old?) directory
> > - have some local .git/* settings precluding inclusion of debian/upstream
> Oh well, it was me forgetting to include it in the dist-bzip2.  My fault.
> (Yes, I'm still doing debuild from a .tar.bz2; just couldn't get about to
> learn to build from git properly.)

still not sure what is the reason since dpkg-source should build
.debian.tar.gz just fine  whenever you have .orig.tar.gz already.  but
ok -- if it is solved -- good enough for me

> > - ... beer?
> A beer a day keeps... you guessed it :}  

NB Sorry -- it will be in Russian due to my inferior translation

you reminded me about one of the train trips from Moscow to Omsk where
there was a guy selling all kinds of refreshments on board and was
screaming out:
"Берите пива для отлива
 Водочки -- для походочки
 Винца для поднятия конца"

> But no, I'd rather blame the job I
> newly began last month, which just happens to be too much of a drain on my
> attention.  At the end of every workday, if the thing I want is not in
> ~/.bash-history, I take a break and go read the Gurdian.

;)  Have you seen my elderly 
since then I switched to zsh  and somewhat ... ruined my history-forever
(have too many duplicates etc) but I still rely greatly on  it

> And tht frigging letter "" tkes so much effort to push!  Life is hrd!

no sh.t ;)

> Thanks for the detailed analysis you have done of why debian/upstream was
> missing, and sorry for the trouble.  May I suggest you to have another go at
> http://johnhommer.com//academic/code/cnrun/source/deb/cnrun_1.1.13-1.dsc.

cool -- building

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