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Re: sponsor upload 1.1.13-1

Hi Yaroslav,

On Mon, 6 Aug 2012 15:31:10 -0400
Yaroslav Halchenko <debian@onerussian.com> wrote:
> still not sure what is the reason since dpkg-source should build
> .debian.tar.gz just fine  whenever you have .orig.tar.gz already.  but
> ok -- if it is solved -- good enough for me
I'm reading man dpkg-source NOW.  Ideally, I expect it to get the .orig.tar.gz
from git archive <tag>, or something like that.  Don't accept my next
submission unless it's done this way :}

> you reminded me about one of the train trips from Moscow to Omsk where
> there was a guy selling all kinds of refreshments on board and was
> screaming out:
> "Берите пива для отлива
>  Водочки -- для походочки
>  Винца для поднятия конца"

Never heard the first two!
> ;)  Have you seen my elderly 
> http://www.onerussian.com/Linux/bash_history.phtml
> since then I switched to zsh  and somewhat ... ruined my history-forever
> (have too many duplicates etc) but I still rely greatly on  it

Interesting... I'd still rather keep it dead simple (just
HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth and HISTSIZE=100500) though.


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